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Greenwich phone boxes to be converted to mini-retail units

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Plans are in to convert traditional red phone boxes into min-retail units in Greenwich town centre.  The idea is to sell coffees and ice creams out of the units, located near the Mitre pub.

The kiosks will aim for commuters, though will no doubt appeal to the many tourists in the area. The applicants state that many other redundant phone boxes have now been altered to other uses.

One ex-phone box has been converted to a gallery (!) and over in Lewisham borough one turned into a small library.

Greenwich planners may object due to the pavement congestion it could cause. Railings are on the other side of the paving penning pedestrians in. Their presence could cause people passing by with no intention to purchase to walk in the road on the other side. Removing them would make sense.

The planning reference is 17/2516/F


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  1. Abi

    Great idea! Will be handy to grab a coffee on the way to work. Let’s hope the council don’t screw it up. But this is Greenwich so they pay more attention compared to poorer areas?

  2. Jon

    Greenwich council will never get rid of street obstacles if they can help it! Only install more. Anything to waste a few grand whilst others areas somehow can’t get a penny.

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